Shopify Translation App

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More languages, more customers

Increase your reach by supporting multiple store languages.

Seamless integration

The app is built on Shopify's native translation feature to provide a flexible store integration. No need to touch your theme's code.

Automatic translations

Automatically translate content with our DeepL integration. DeepL translations are proven to be four times better than the competition.

Esperanto is a lightweight translation app with support for 135 languages, which lets you quickly browse and translate following resources:

  • Products
  • Variants
  • Collections
  • Product Options
  • Email Templates
  • SMS Templates
  • Packing Slip Templates
  • Content Pages
  • Menus
  • Blog posts and Articles
  • Dynamic Theme Content
  • Links
  • Metafields
  • Shop Meta Data
  • Shop Policies
  • Payment Gateways
  • Delivery Methods

You can manually or automatically translate up to 1.000.000 characters per month with our DeepL integration. DeepL translations are proven to be four times better than the competition, according to blind tests done by professional translators.

Or you can easily browse and filter the resources you want to translate manually. Esperanto tells you, which translations are undone, already completed or outdated. You can create, edit or remove existing translations within the textfield editors.

Esperanto is build upon Shopify's Translation API and acts as a broker between your store and Shopify translations. Your curated translations are permanently stored in Shopify's ecosystem – never on our servers.

The app is simple, lightweight and fully integrates in your store's architecture. You don't have to touch any theme file. Esperanto feels native because it is built with the same toolbox as Shopify's backend.

The app was built with privacy in mind. We only request and access the data we need to make the app work. The data we store is reduced to an absolute minimum – no sensitive data is accessed or stored.